Medical masks are ‘disassembled’ for export

Xuat Khau Khau Trang Y Te

The Prime Minister has just agreed to export an unlimited quantity of medical masks to take advantage of the opportunity to bring this product to the world.
On April 29, the Prime Minister signed Resolution 60 on the export of medical masks during the Covid-19 prevention period . Accordingly, the regulations on granting medical masks export license in Resolution 20/2020 are abolished. That is, medical masks will be exported without any quantity limits.
Resolution 60 also stipulates that, based on disease developments and the need to use medical masks in the country, the Ministry of Health reports to the Prime Minister to consider and decide appropriate management measures to ensure adequate supply for needs for disease prevention.
The Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry and Trade to publicize the list and production capacity of mask manufacturing enterprises. The Ministry of Finance shall publicize the list of enterprises and the number of exported medical masks.


Danameco workers check medical masks before canning. Photo: Le Vu.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is responsible for inspecting, preventing and handling establishments with unreasonable price increases of materials, speculating on the storage of masks and the manufacture of non-conforming medical masks . The People’s Committees of provinces and cities shall direct the provincial Department of Health and concerned units to inspect local medical exportation establishments, ensuring the quality of masks.

Exporters will be responsible for product quality, and commit to selling to health facilities upon request.

Earlier in mid-April, the Prime Minister agreed to allow the export of medical masks and requested the Ministry of Health to amend the provisions of Decree 20. Submitting to the Government later, the Ministry of Health proposed that enterprises could only export. export if sold or written agreement to support health facilities at least 20% of expected exports. However, this proposal of the Ministry of Health faces mixed views from businesses and ministries, saying that Vietnam’s health mask will lose its export opportunities and offer to export unlimited quantities. .     

According to customs data, more than 88 million masks were exported to the middle of April, worth US $ 34 million, most of which were antibacterial cloth masks. From the beginning of the year, Vietnam has exported 415 million units worth over 63 million USD.