Trucking Service

Providing reputable and efficient domestic container trucking service.Lưu bản nháp tự động

We choose to give our customers an efficient, safe and reasonable price transport system. On the other hand, Our staff always pay attention to every detail to provide customers with peace of mind and ensuring detailed monitoring of the travel route of each shipping container. Our development comes from the ability to work hard, the solidarity of an enthusiastic staff and a high sense of responsibility. We always care about your worries, and find solutions to resolve your problem by creating services to give the highest value to Customers. At NAVILINK team is always trying to recruit the most professional staff. Our job is not only to create the best solutions ,but also we ussual put the Customer’s interest on the top and constantly overcome the expectations.Our goal which want to toward ,are ussually optimizing freight-forwarding .We provide container shipping services by trucking. It make you can easily choose our service.

Reasonable price hand in hand with high quality of service and always aware of putting customers’ interests first.

To be able to provide a more competitive service than our competitors, we link many domestic carriers to provide fast service, convenient and economical. We can be confidently handle all kinds of cargo transportation, regardless of volume or size. You also have more options because we can undertake part of the supply chain or transport the entire process to you. Most importan is that we require a very reasonable price for your order.

Our Services

We aim to connect and satisfy every demand from customers in export and import field, forwarding and navigation service in Viet Nam scoping with diversified activities.