Vietnam’s rice export prices exceed Thailand’s

In early August, each ton of white rice of 5% broken rice exported from Vietnam was about 15 USD higher than Thai rice of the same type.

According to the Vietnam Trade Office in Thailand, due to the appreciation of the Thai baht against the USD, the country’s rice export prices lose a competitive advantage over competitors. The FOB price of Thailand’s 5% broken white rice traded at around $ 460 a ton, $ 90 per ton higher than Indian rice and $ 8 higher than Vietnamese flat rice.

From 8/8 up to now, the price of Vietnamese rice exported to the world market has fluctuated 478-482 USD per ton, higher than the export price of Thai rice about 15 USD per ton.

According to the Vietnam Trade Office in Thailand, the Government of this country is considering changing the policy in rice export to regain the momentum of competition with rice from other exporting countries such as Vietnam and India. The policy changes will focus on marketing, reducing production costs, researching new rice varieties …

Thailand will focus on 3 segments, including high-end (flavored rice, hom mali rice), mass (white rice, rice …) and special (special rice, sticky rice).

In addition, the Thai Ministry of Commerce will work with the Rice Exporters Association to find new partners to expand the market because the country’s rice is still interested by many international partners thanks to its quality. In addition, chief representatives of Thai Trade Agencies in foreign countries are also encouraged to advertise and seek potential markets.

The report of the Agro Processing and Market Development Department (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) showed that the volume of rice exported in the first 7 months of 2020 reached nearly 3.9 million tons and 1.9 billion USD, down 1.4% in volume but up 10.9% in value over the same period in 2019. The average export rice price in the first 6 months reached 487.6 USD per ton, up 13% over the same period last year. last.